Friday, December 2, 2011

a great giveaway

remember when i showed you this?

i had just made my yardstick coat rack. i hung one of my favorite bags on it and shot a few pictures to post on my blog.

i bought this bag about a year ago from white apple threads and i love it!

i wanted a big bag to hold all of my stuff i take to bible study...which usually includes my bible, notebook, journal, etc. i also wanted a bag made from a natural product like a coffee sack.

i'm so excited that jess over at white apple threads has agreed to host a giveaway to one lucky follower of mine!

go check out some of their bags here.

here are a few...

giveaway details
prize...a randomly selected bag choosen by Jess!
giveway ends monday, december 5, 2011 @ 5pm mountain time.

to enter this giveway... must be a follower of mine.
two...go check out white apple threads and come back and leave me a comment as to which bag is your favorite.

good luck!


  1. I'm playing catch up on your blog and I'm so inspired by all the crafty projects you've shared!
    Anyway, I love the bag and I love your yardstick coat rack! How fun! I'm a follower and I heart White Apple on Etsy. My fave is the nautical anchor print. My hubs used to serve in the Navy. Thanks! :)

  2. Well of course I am a blog follower!
    And I visited White Apple Threads and it was hard to narrow it down but I think I got it down to three that I really liked... The Hudson market, Luca zipper, and the Reagan zipper.

  3. My fave is the LUCA Eco-Friendly Zipper Market Tote... super cute! Hope I win ;)


  4. Well....I've been following your blog for years?! BUT, I finally figured out how to be an 'official' follower. (I'm definitely behind technologically! ;) Anyways, I like the 'Hudson' or 'Coffee' bags. How fun! :) Miss you guys! Let's skype soon.

  5. So fun!! So many cute bags....I really like the 'Hudson" market tote! Hope you are recovering well. I LOVED seeing pics of your handsome little man!! Can't wait to meet him....hopefully this Summer?!?


  6. I follow you!! And I love the Bula Messenger Bag!