Monday, December 5, 2011

a cup of tea and my day

if i met you for coffee or tea this morning, this is what i would have told you...

a week after surgery and my nose is feeling pretty good. except for a bad case of congestion! here's the deal...i can't blow my nose, because of the surgery and have become addicted to my saline nose spray that is suppose to help...but really isn't! you really don't realize how wonderful it is to blow your nose until you are told you can't do it! i feel like a snotty mess!

i have my next post-op appointment tomorrow and i'm going to beg her to suck out all my snot! i know...gross, right?!?! however, i do think this surgery was the best thing i ever did...well, at least one of them! my doctor said my nose was pretty crooked inside...probably from breaking my nose as a kid. i also haven't had one sinus headache since the hopefully it will have taken away that problem too. not to mention, breathing out of my nose is a lot better!

now that you heard enough of my nose issues...let's see, what else is going on...
i have a christmas party to go to tonight.
i'm getting my eyebrows waxed...they're a mess!
i can't wait to put on make-up and look pretty...i've been a sick mess for a week!
i need to find a white elephant gift.
i need to finish cutting coupons.
it's cold outside...high of 15 degrees today and plenty of snow! burrrrr!
i need to get my craft on! lots of projects swirling in my head!

happy monday!

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