Thursday, December 1, 2011

countdown to Christmas

i used my vintage metal tree that i found last year, to hold our advent countdown. There are 25 little envelops and each day my kids will pick one and it will describe the special activity we will do.

Here is my list (in no particular order) of some of the things we will do...

1. have a happy birthday Jesus party
2. make Christmas gifts for the kids teachers
3. bake gingerbread cookies
4. watch Polar Express and drink hot cocoa
5. go look at Christmas lights
6. make candy cane streamers
7. watch veggietales Saint Nicholas
8. bake lamb cookies
9. make homemade peppermint ice cream
10. make happy birthday Jesus cake
11. milk and cookies night
12. make a paper gingerbread house
13. Nativity craft
14. make candy cane play dough
15. fill the tub with snow and let the kids play in it
16. candlelit bath for the kids
17. trail of lights at the botanic gardens
18. got to the children's musical at church
19. decorate the Christmas tree
20. act of kindness for our neighbors
21. a night singing Christmas carols
22. Christmas tree waffles
23. act out the Christmas story
24. go to Christmas eve service
25. make Christmas tree garland

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  1. I will be snitching a few of your ideas for our Christmas fun!

  2. I am inviting myself over for the peppermint ice cream! Just kidding. We missed you today and I hope you are doing alright. Paris Street Market Christmas show is Fri-Sat but I think you might be a little too under the weather still to go!

  3. Wow, your's is so much cuter than ours! Mine is pretty ghetto - you'll see when I post it :)