Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a Christmas party...my day... and one winner

last night was my MOPs Christmas party. a night of fun with the girls! dinner was fabulous and we did a white elephant gift exchange. i came home with 5 books...really it was a pretty good gift!

my friend, Sara, let me borrow a Christmas sweater so i wouldn't feel left out!

today, i had my post-op appointment! i get to finally blow my nose...hallelujah! i still have 6-7 weeks of recovery...none of it you can see...but she said my nose looks good! i get to go back to exercising, which thrills me because i desperately need it. i know, you make think i'm crazy but excerise is something i crave! it's a huge stress release and with 2 kids, who doesn't need that! it gives me a lot more energy and with 2 kids, i definitely need it! plus, it makes me feel a lot better about myself and who doesn't need that! plus, i'm a little strange and i like to sweat and have sore muscles! it makes me feel like i did something!

lastly, the winner of a white apple threads bag is.....KARA! congrats!

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