Thursday, September 2, 2010

what am I reading...

Almost every week we head to the library, it's one of my little lady and my favorite places to go. Usually you can find me in the cookbook section. I refuse to buy cookbooks anymore, because I spend money on them and then maybe only use a couple recipes out of it. I figured why not check them out for free and then try out a couple of recipes and add them to my collection. I'm also very into saving money and wanting to stretch every penny we have. After seriously couponing for a year and seeing how much money I have saved, I want to implement that in every area of our lives. I've really enjoyed Dave's book. We have been very blessed to have never been debt in are almost 10 years of marriage, but I always think about how we could have and need to be better stewards of our money. The last book I've been reading is about a woman's guide to raising a large family and staying sane. Isn't that we are all looking for??? They have 10 kids...some are biological and others are adopted. It is interesting to read about this lady's life and how they are raising their family. I'm sure we won't end up with ten, but a few more might be nice!

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  1. Hi Melissa!

    A friend gave me the Farm Chick cook book you are reading....I love it! Simple yet tasty recipes. I LOVE their beet/spinach salad.....I even just planted beets and spinach to harvest this fall for that very reason :-)

    Have a great Labor Day weekend!