Friday, September 3, 2010

We love rainbows!

There is nothing more I love then doing fun projects with my little lady! Today, we finished up our week of learning about Noah. We did a lot of rainbow projects, which is a wonderful reminder of God's faithfulness to us and that he keeps his promises. Noah was an amazing man to obey God's calling!

I wanted to surprise my little lady with somethings that would reminder her of this week and what we have learned. I made her the rainbow shirt and headband! I also gave her a Noah's Ark book that I had purchased awhile back. She loved it all but the book was her favorite! Nothing comes close to her books!

We also review all of the different types of shapes and then made a sponge paint collage.

We made a rainbow suncatcher...just a paper plate cut in half and we painted it. Then added some streamers and it was complete!

This was so simple, but very fun...I just put food coloring in the ice cube trays and added water. I just used the ice cubes and added water for her, but you could add Sprite to make a bit more special. However, after a bit it looks like a brown mess!

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