Thursday, June 12, 2014

slowin' down summer

i love walking through my garden in the morning and seeing what new beauty God has given me. 

these peonies had to come inside!  so pretty!
my little lady and i worked on craft samples for VBS.
after we were done my kids asked to build a puppet stand. my first reaction was to say, "no, not now." but i'm trying to work more on saying "yes" than "no," that word...intentional, keeps popping into my head, so we did it!

they put me on the spot, so this is what i used...
and this is how it turned out...they played all day with it!
we've been getting rain almost everyday, so games have become very popular!  we played two new games that the kids gave their daddy for his birthday.
how do you slow down and enjoy summer?

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