Monday, February 17, 2014

weekend randomness

i channeled my inner julia child's this weekend. i made eggs benedict florentine...paleo style.  you better believe i whipped that hollandaise sauce into submission!  i really want to watch Julie & Julia again!
it turned out so good!  it was my first time making hollandaise sauce and eggs benedict.  i could only get one poached egg right.  what's the secret on how to make poached eggs?  i opted for scrambled eggs instead, but it was still very good!
we got our first trader joes!
i found these beautiful flowers while shopping.  as soon as i saw them, i thought of spring.  spring still may be a month away, but a girl can dream!
i came home and set them on the dining room table and got rid of the valentine's day decor.
i'm dreamin' about what i'm going to put in my empty frames!  i just love change!


  1. Those flowers are beautiful! Trader Joe's is amazing! Glad you had a wonderful weekend. :)

  2. I want a trader joe's so bad! Looks like a fabulous day!