Tuesday, February 18, 2014


this weekend at church, the sermon was all about choices. it's been something that's been on my mind for several months.

i've made lots of bad choices in my life.  
i've also made some good ones. 
we all have a choice. 

this week's sermon reiterated that...
very smart people can make very bad choices.

we all have a choice to serve the Lord or not.  but if you don't make that choice, then it's not going to happen!

we really don't understand the effects that our choices will have on our lives.

so many people of our world make choices based on their own impressions, opinions and feelings, which is so dangerous!  rather than looking to God's Word for the absolute Truth!

i've also been struggling with watching someone i love and care about making some choices.  choices which i believe are not good for them.

it's hard to watch. 
it's hard to not say anything.  
it's hard to let someone you care about go down a path that is not inline with what God calls us to.    
it's painful to wonder...where they are headed and what happened?
It's never easy to deal with sin in my life or in others.

the one thing i do know, when circumstances and choices don't look good, i know that my God can redeem them.  there are definitely consequences for our sin, but their is a loving God that wants to forgive us!    i just pray that God's Word will stir in all of our hearts and convict us of our bad choices.

we all have a choice.  
if we find ourself justifying our choices, it's probably sin.
sin prevents us from growing with Him!

i'm so thankful for this sermon!  it's a great reminder that we all have a choice to make and hopefully it's a  good one!

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