Wednesday, January 1, 2014


i'm excited to see what 2014 has to offer.
it seems like it's going to a big year.
i know i'm going to be stretched by God and that scares me, but then i know it means growth for me.

i love setting goals. that might be obnoxious for some, but for me, i dig it.  i thought i would share each month's goals here.  i'm sharing it so that you all will keep me accountable and so i have a record of what is happening in my life.

in january, i will:
-make our 2013 family photo book
-get back to working out on a regular basis, go skiing twice this month
-eat no gluten.  i usually don't eat it, but i've had a few slip-ups and it hasn't been good for me
-watch the season premier of Downton Abbey
-read & study God's word~ be diligent about writing
-go on a date night with my husband
-incorporate our "slow day" back into each week 


  1. I am doing a monthly goal list too!! : ) Seven little things that i want to accomplish each month. Have fun with your goals this month!!! Happy 2014!