Tuesday, December 31, 2013


as i look back at this year, i can't help but describe it as busy...wait...no,very busy! we managed to do a lot in one year.

it was filled with...
a lot of good
a lot of hard work
new projects
new adventures
a little one that touched our hearts
and God answered many prayers.

we began 2013 with a couple of months spent on updating our kitchen.
a little before & after of our kitchen.
we added 5 girls to our family and built them a coop.
we built a bigger garden in our backyard.
we spent spring break in Cali, visiting my sister and meeting her boyfriend.
summer was filled with hiking, fishing, swimming...lots of fun!  we had some fun visitors too!
we went on a road trip to Oregon and saw some of our best friends!
we began homeschooling our children, a new and big task!
fall was crazy busy and almost sent me over the edge. we had a little foster baby come stay with us. God really used that time to speak to us. it was the hardest 7 weeks of my life. our family was blessed to take care of a sweet little baby, but God also answered our prayers that we are only to be a family of 4. being a foster parent is not for the faint of heart, it's down right HARD. taking care of the little girl was the easy part, but dealing with the flawed social services, now that was darn right painful!
at the beginning of December, we said goodbye to her and prepared for Christmas.   i felt really wiped out and emotionally drained.  however, it was a great end to a busy year.
at the end of each December, i like to look back on the year and reflect on what God has done for us, lessons we have learned and blessings that we have received.

here's a few things i've learned...
God doesn't always answer prayers in the way we expect, but i'm glad He still answers them.  He gave us closure that we are to be a family of 4 and for that i'm truly thankful.

we were too busy this year!  all good things, but it was too much!  we are going to slow down next year and invest more into the things that truly matter.

it's so hard to watch someone you care about make choices that aren't the best.  it's hard and painful  letting go, but i trust that prayer is powerful!

God calls you to things even when they aren't on your radar. case in point...homeschooling.  it's been such a blessing and i love that my husband and i are are able to be their teacher!

just some of the blessings i experienced...
one friday, i got to spend the entire day with an amazing friend, Darci, as we sat on her front porch and chatted for hours.

the support of family and friends during the difficult times.

the amazing counsel i received one afternoon when i skyped with Mandy.  thanks for your years of listening to me!

the fun and adventure that i experienced with my family this year. from hiking Multinomah Falls, to playing at the beach, to reeling in fish after fish, to the dirty faces of my "Popeye kids."


  1. It was a big year for the Fullers! Can't wait to see what 2014 brings!

  2. What a fun re-cap! it was a big year for you guys….so glad it included some time that we got to spend together!! One of my favorite memories of 2013 was our Friday together ;-)