Friday, June 7, 2013

my messy day

yesterday, i woke up with a fun day planned for the kids and i.

we went to the park for a play date.
ran a few errands.

had a nice lunch out.

spent some time resting at home before we headed over to the library for a special dinosaur event.
our last stop, was a visit to my chiropractor's office.  i usually don't have to take the kids with me, but yesterday was the exception.  i brought a bag of books in for them to look at and keep them entertained while the doctor worked on my back.    it started off good, then quickly turned to AWFUL.
they were...
messing around
not listening
being loud
playing with things that they shouldn't be playing with
basically, the list could go on

needless to say, i walked out of there pretty upset, embarrassed, and frustrated at my kids.  yesterday, i was reminded how messy parenting can be...

no matter how you have taught or trained your kids to behave, they have their own free will to choose.

no matter how many parenting books you've read, they have their own free will to choose.

no matter if you kindly request for them to stop, they have their own free will to choose.

no matter what, i'm their momma and i choose to love them, even when it is really messy and i may look like the momma with two crazy kids.  because in the end, love isn't something you can earn or even deserve, it is something that is freely given.

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