Monday, June 10, 2013

10 on 10

5:53 AM that's the time i woke up this morning and couldn't go back to sleep.  my alarm was set to go off at 7.  i should have gotten up, because my morning was rough...
their was one child being mean to the other one.  almost to the point that i was going to leave the one home.
because of all the drama, we were running late. i HATE being late!
then, i forgot an important white shirt that my daughter needed for her craft.  bad momma moment.  luckily, daddy came to the rescue.
my attitude wasn't the greatest, actually more like, "why in the world, did i sign-up to help?"  thankfully, during devotion time, i just prayed for a willing heart to serve and be joyful and i prayed against the ways Satan was attacking us.
and lastly, i was in tears.  tears from all the drama, stress, forgetfulness, the bad attitude, etc.  i'm thankful for my friends who listened to me vent.  i'm so glad i have good friends!
it's just not fun when all this happens before the day even begins.

9:00AM  vacation bible school begins
10:00AM  i stopped by to see my little lady during devotion time.
11:00AM waiting for the next group of kids to come to craft time. 12:00PM picking up the kids...first day of vbs complete.  praise God for a great morning, a bad attitude-turned-good and for my precious Father calming my heart and working through all of it.  1:00PM lunch time...cold chicken salad.   it's my favorite summer meal! 2:00PM checking in on my husband as he preps the outside of the house for paint.
3:00PM towels are packed and ready for the lake.
4:00PM a trip to the lake to cool off from this hot and tiring day.
5:00PM lots of swimming for my little lady.
6:00PM a yummy spicy chicken tostada for dinner.

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  1. I'm glad you turned it around. That can be hard to do! Looks like some yummy food too!