Friday, May 17, 2013

my hair

summer is almost here and i'm feeling like i need to switch it up a bit with my hair.  i would love anyones input on which style they like, i'm having a hard time deciding.

 style #1
style #2

style #3
style #4
i'll be heading to the salon next week and need to make up my mind!


  1. I love #1! Maybe because I have that cut now and love it for summer. It kind of ensures that you won't have your hair in a ponytail ALL summer. :)

  2. I LOVE style #1 too!! Super cute and you would look great with that style!

  3. #1! #1! I might steal that one myself!

  4. I vote for number 1 too!!! I like the cut and color of that one. :)

  5. agreed! #1. It will look so great on you. Can't wait to see the pics!