Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

these beauties are right outside my kitchen window. i've been hoping for another momma bird to build a nest close to our house. we had one two years ago and i just find it amazing to watch...the bird build her nest, lay her eggs, the baby birds hatch, etc.
Mother's Day is always a bit of a mixed bag of emotions for me.  it's bittersweet.

i'm grateful for my two beautiful children and the amazing story God created when He wove us together.

i grieve for the dream of wanting to experience a life grown inside of me.

i cherish the sweet kisses that my little ones place on my cheeks and their giggles as they bring me breakfast in bed.

i hurt for my children's birth mothers and the loss they must feel on this precious day.

i'm beyond thankful that God made me a mother to two precious children.

it's bittersweet.

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