Wednesday, April 17, 2013

what i'm reading wednesday

yesterday, i told you we will be going on a new adventure soon.

any guess to what we will be doing?

we are going to be diving into the homeschooling realm.

for a couple of months now, i've been reading like crazy!   my close friend, Bethany and i have had lots of talks about schooling and i always told her that i would only homeschool if God called me to it.  well, a couple of months ago, God did just that.  i have always been open-minded about schooling options, not thinking one was better than the other...private school, public school, homeschool.

my philosophy has always been...
do whatever is best for your family and children.
what works for one kid, might not work for the other.
one way is not the only way.
be flexible and open-minded.
live by what God calls you to, not by what others are doing.

 my little lady will be going from public school to being home schooled.  i'm sure she would continued to thrive at the school she is currently at, but i know there is something wonderful about the new possibilities coming her way.  we are really excited about the changes and the freedom that comes with being able to make our own schooling schedule.  it 's also a bit scary because i know it will require more of me.  however, i know that God will be apart of it and will help me along the way.  God often calls us to the things we feel ill-equiped for.  i'm sure there will be times i will think "what did i get myself into," but i know God will help me along the way.

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