Tuesday, April 16, 2013

real life

1 thing i'm thankful for...alone time at barnes & nobles with a warm hot chocolate and magazines.
planting...seeds for my garden this spring.

unexpected blessing...flowers from my husband, after a rough morning of hitting a parked car.  my car got the worst of it, but nothing too bad, just a crack in the bummer.

reading... experimenting with...avocado seeds, an activity the kids and i are doing from the book above.
happy about...my little lady's love for her chicks.
eating...i could eat this yummy salad almost everyday for lunch.
anticipating...time with my man tonight, the kids are off to awana.

ready for...spring-like weather.  we are getting more snow after last week's storm.  the next two days we will have a high of 30 degrees...burrr!

thinking about...a new adventure we will be going on very soon.  i'll share more about that tomorrow.

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