Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend randomness

this is what my living room and dining room looked like this weekend.

we sanded the cabinets and prepped them for painting. i really hate sanding, it's my least favorite thing to do when it comes to any home improvement project!

it made a huge mess in my house! now you know why i covered everything in protect it from all that nasty dust!

my man and i got to go out on a date. we saw this movie...

it was amazing!  i can't stop thinking about it!  i'm a sucker for based-on-a-true-story kind of movies.
it's a tear jerker, but more important i'm in awe of God's amazing miracle in this one particular story!

i also attend the True Woman conference held at my church.  it was great and God really spoke to me about the importance of being a life-giver.

how was your weekend?

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  1. You know I CAN'T wait to see the kitchen!!!! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!