Thursday, January 24, 2013

sharing ideas

there are two of the reasons i love to blog.

one, it's a way to preserve what is happening in our lives and to be able share with others that don't live close to us.

secondly, it's a way for me to share things i've tried, ideas that have worked and things that don't work.  not to receive praise or to brag or say look at me.  that's not me.   i don't like the spotlight to be on me.  i share because that's what we should do.  as women and moms, it's our job to help each other out.   i'm always in search of new things.   mostly, things i can do with my kids and things we can do as a family.  most of the the things i do, are not my original idea.  i borrow ideas all the time.

do you ever find that your kids get board or go crazy on a holiday?  maybe that's just me, but the other day my little lady was off from school and i knew that i needed to come up with something.  they were wanting to do a project and i wasn't too prepared.  but thank heaven, for pinterest.  i quickly looked up something i had pinned and set it into motion.

i borrow this idea from here.   it shows you step-by-step of how to make a packing peanut igloo.  go check it's so easy!

first off, you need no glue.  yes, that's, zero, nada!  just dip the packing peanuts in a bit of water and they become sticky.

my kiddos loved it!  i'm kind of crazy and save things like...packing peanuts and was thrilled that it offered them a lot fun.  my little guy loved it and was thrilled to build his igloo.  i think there will be more packing peanut creations in our near future!

along with the igloo, we made a polar bear cutout for them to play with.  also, we spent time during snack, reading about the arctic and the life of a polar bear.

i'm so glad that another mom shared this cool idea.   i would have never of guessed that packing peanuts would stick together, without glue, just by getting them damp.

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