Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a day at the farm

last friday, my kiddos and i when to a farm to harvest our own vegetables. one of my friends told me about this place and i was excited to go!

we arrived at the farm and headed to the fields to begin picking our crops. each person got to pick 5 bags worth of vegetables. the tractor took us around the farm and made different stops for us to hop off and pick our vegetables.

the first stop was corn.

next was cabbage, tomatoes, bell and chili peppers, potatoes, beets, turnips, green beans and eggplant.

then we hit the pumpkin patch...sugar pumpkins, which are my favorite because i like to make my own pumpkin puree.

lastly, we picked onions and celery. we were out in the fields for 2 1/2 hours, harvesting all the veggies.

my kiddos did great! later on, i realized that it could have been a total disaster.
for one...i was out numbered.
two...it was hard work and tiring for a 6 and 3 year old.
three...we ran out of water to drink pretty quickly, but they were troopers and kept working.
four...i came home exhausted, so i know they had to be too.

here is all of our food...we didn't even make our 5 bag each quota.  we ended up with nine bags, i think.

afterwards, we got some drink and then the kids wanted to play. they had an amazing play area!

here's what we came home with...the cost $30. not bad for a hard day of work!

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  1. $30?!?!?! Amazing! What are you going to do with all of it so it doesn't go bad?