Tuesday, September 18, 2012

giving it away

last week, i wrote about the book i read called 7: an experimental mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker.

it's a book that prompts us to act.

not to do exactly what Jen did, but act according to what is being laid on your own heart. i love how God can use anything to stir your own heart and cause you to act.

over the last year, little by little i've been getting rid of baby stuff. partially, because who wants to store it all but also because i needed to let go of some of it. you see, i'm not a hoarder or a pack rat by any means, but there has been one area of my life that i haven't wanted to get rid of stuff. i've held on to all of our "baby stuff" because i long to be a mommy of more little ones. uncertain as to what the future holds, i felt that i needed to begin the grieving process of letting go of my dreams. i've been holding onto all of this stuff because it is painful to think about the possiblities that this might be it for us as far as adding to our family. i came to the realization it is far better for it to be utilized by someone else than to sit in boxes in our shed. it's only stuff and if down the road God adds to our family, then He will provide whatever we will need for that little one. it wasn't that all the baby stuff was irreplaceable, rather it was me having to let go.

letting go of the fact...that as much as my heart wants more kids, this might be it.

grieving...the fact that i didn't get to experience what it's like to be pregnant and have a baby.

allowing myself...to be sad and cry.

trusting that...God's plan is far better than my own.

thankful for...my amazing and supportive husband.

and blessed beyond measure by...my two beautiful children!

two of the chapters in Jen's book, is about clothing and possessions; and giving away things you don't use anymore or things that you don't need.  along with God's nudging, i went through all of the baby stuff and took it down to a place called, "Second Chances." Second Chances offers job training and faith-based life skills development program designed for single mothers and women in transition. these women are victims of domestic violence, drug abuse, sexual abuse, poverty, neglect, and coming out of incarceration. their goal is to work with women in all stages of recovery and tailor a plan for success. what better place to take our things and i know that they will bless someone in need!

it wasn't easy giving all this stuff away...it was hard.

i cried.

but i don't regret it, because i know God will use it to bless others with.

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