Monday, August 20, 2012

painting & redecorating

at the beginning of August, i painted most of the basement and laundry room. our basement is primarily our arts & crafts room. there are still some toys in the room, but it is mostly for us to work on projects, homework and just be creative in. it's probably my favorite place in the house. it's where i can be creative.

since, it is the basement, i lightened up the walls with a bright white paint and have one accent wall that is robin's egg blue.

 i wanted lots of wall space for displaying artwork that would allow me to change it up frequently. i found the shelves at Ikea.

all of my walls are still in progress. i have a lot more things to hang and make.  do you think there is a job for a professional wall art hanger?  call me crazy, but i love coming up with different ways to hang wall art and pictures!

this is my favorite wall so far.  i made the sun painting out of an old pallet and painted on the sun.
also, i cover an old frame mat with vintage fabric and then hung it using some fishing line and a vintage hanger to be my frame for the butterfly artwork.    the picture of me is from when i did the Color Run.  i'm hoping to add one of my little lady and i after we do the Color Me Rad 5K race in September.

i always have art supplies out and ready for my kids to use.

lastly, here is the laundry room. we hung shelves over the washer and dryer and added some storage cabinets too.

the only thing i purchased for this project was the paint. everything else i already had down in the basement, but it all got rearranged!  the last thing i want to do is have an electrician install more lights in my basement.  as you can tell from the no-so-great pictures, the lighting needs to improve.  and i still have to paint the guest bedroom that is in the basement too.  blah...blah...blah.  can you tell i'm tired of painting?


  1. Wow... its perfect!!!! I wish I had a finished basement!!!

  2. Wow!What a colorful and fun space! Would love you to come link up your homepage to my Get Social link party and promote your awesome blog!

  3. Very cute and so inviting. I love it!

  4. Very inviting, like Mandy said. I wish I had this kind of space, let alone the motivation and inspiration to create something like this for my kids. We're short on space in the UK, houses rarely have an attic and I've never seen one with a basement. All I can manage to attain is a quick jog to UK Tool Centre and a very basic spruce up of the spare (box) room.

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