Tuesday, August 21, 2012

back to school

yesterday, was my little lady's first day of 1st grade. i whipped up these decorations sunday night, for her special day. i just pulled out things that i had and it definitely had a vintage feel to it.

i made apple pancakes for breakfast...of course with a gummy worm!

i took a few pictures before we left for school.

right as we were leaving, my little guy broke down and bawled. he didn't want his sister to leave! which of course, broke my heart...but i didn't cry. for those of you who know me, know that tears flow quite easily from my eyes...but i didn't shed one tear. however, it felt weird not having lunch with her and i did miss her a lot.

we made pizza for dinner and mini cherry pies for dessert.

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  1. Was her first day good? I need that recipe for the cherry pies! yum!