Thursday, August 23, 2012


do you ever feel completely behind on something?

like it is never going to happen?

you try to make time to do it but other things always end up taking the place of it...laundry, dishes, running errands...

i've been so behind on organizing our pictures, that it feels like an overwhelming task just to pick a starting point.

pictures are important to me and i didn't want to be so behind.  but, that's life...right?  

the last album i made was my daughter's first year book.  now she's six and i'm way behind.  i take a ton of pictures and want some way to keep all the memories.  so this spring, i decided that no time would ever be perfect, i just need to start working on it.  i set a goal for myself, that before my little lady started 1st grade, she would have a completed kindergarten scrapbook.  needless to say, summer got busy and the scrapbook just sat in the closet untouched.  until i remembered it the last week of summer vacation.  we whipped it out and started working on it.  i wanted it to be a collaborative effort between my little lady and myself.  we worked hard and i'm excited to say it's complete!

it's probably not as cute or creative as i would have hoped for, but really i don't have the time to spend hours and hours on it. i've also come to realize that traditional scrapbooking just takes too much time. i've decided to move to digital photo books as a way to keep all of our memories. i've already started working on our 2011 family book. i'm hoping to work my way back through the years and catch up, so that all of our memories saved.