Friday, August 24, 2012


i've been reading some great books lately.

not just books that make for a fun read, but books that challenge me.

books that challenge me to be a better woman, mother, and child of God.  there's a desire to put what i've  read into action, because without it, i would remain the same.  my desire is to be changed.  not in what i desire but rather who God wants me to be.  i know change isn't easy, i often fight it, or don't want to go there, because it's nice and comfortable right where i am.  here's some of what i'm learning...

"Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl," by Dannah Gresh.
Should be a must-have read for every mother that has a daughter.  The book is targeted for guiding a daughter from her tweens to her teens.  i'm definitely not there yet, my little lady is only 6 years old, but i've realized that one can never be too prepared.  my little lady has always been very tall and people think she is older than she is.  the world pushes our little girls to grow up way sooner than what they are really ready for.   i can't say enough about how wonderful this book is, very practical and biblical for helping our girls!

"Raising a Modern-Day Princess," by Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna
This book addresses practical help for raising a daughter to see themselves as God sees them...a daugther of the King, a modern-day princess.  this is an area that i've been working on because it was something that i really feel lacked for me when i was growing up.  i love being a mom and know that i will not do everything perfect.  my children will wish they had things that i wasn't able to give them.  but i do hope they will know how much God loves them, who He has created them to be and that His Word will be firmly planted in their hearts.

"Seven," by Jen Hatmaker
I'm just at the beginning of this book and know it is going to ruin me.  ruin me in a good way.  the author, writes about her experimental mutiny against excess.  she talks about how we (americans) are so rich, we have so much compared to the rest of the world.  i can relate, as i have lived and visited very poor countries...we are so rich.  but, our culture doesn't tell us that.  rather, it tells us to buy more, that we need more...and new...and better is really the only way.  we are always adding and hardly ever subtracting.   i'm not saying i'm going to sell all of my belongings, but it does challenge me to really look at my life and ask some questions.
what do i have in excess?
is there anything i need to get rid of or adjust in my life?
do i live a life of complacency or overindulgence?
all i can say is sometimes we are far more blessed with a little than a lot.  all i can tell you is that this book is already challenging me.  but really isn't that what God wants?

what in your life is really challenging you?


  1. What wonderful books! Thanks, Melissa for sharing them. I am going to look for them for my girls!

  2. I actually have '7' by Jen Hatmaker and I can't wait to get started on it (once we're in our new house and settled). I'm reading Sacred Marriage right now and it's been a wonderful book. I'll have to check out the books about raising daughters too!