Tuesday, January 17, 2012

real life

my week has been...
rough. one of my friends from MOPS passed away last week. the funeral was yesterday. she was only 32 years old. it breaks my heart for her husband and two little girls.
inspired. i took a photography class this weekend. i have a lot to work on and i'm hoping to work on building my portfolio in the next couple of months. more to come on that soon!
tiring. tuesdays are always so busy with bible study, meetings, school and awana.
fun. i beat my husband at monopoly the other night! i desperately dislike the game but it is his favorite. usually, i'm the big loser!

discouraging. my little guy has been potty trained for months now, and is now wetting the bed at night. my doctor says it's normal for boys. he doesn't even wake up after he has gone. i don't get it! if you have a boy and have advice, i would love to hear from you!
exciting. i've memorized 12 verses so far in the book of James. i guess God has a sense of humor and is allowing my brain to intake more information than i thought was possible.

p.s...the pizza casserole that i talked about the other day was very good!

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