Friday, January 13, 2012

happy friday

our little lady lost another tooth last night. she was so excited to pull it out herself! and since she doesn't believe in the tooth fairy {crazy, i know}, we are having a celebration instead. she just asked me to surpirse her with a special dinner and dessert...easy enough!

we are having this for dinner tonight.

i pinned the pizza casserole awhile back and have been waiting for a good opportunity to make it. tonight, we are having friends over and our husbands are off to the men's conference at church. nothing better that good food and friends to share it with!


  1. melissa, how did this casserole turn out? did your kids love it? always nice to find new recipes the whole fam will love. eager to hear what you all thought of it!
    cheers, heidi

    1. I really love your blog! I am a follower!

      You have been awarded the versatile blogger award, pick it up at

      Great crafts and blog!!!!