Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a wreath for fall...

I'm not a huge fan of the typical fall colors that are out there to use to decorate a just doesn't do it for me. I made a wreath that suits me much better and I think will hang nicely on our front door.

Here's what I did...
I cut the brown fabric into stripes- 3 inches wide. I then wrapped them around the foam wreath, gluing at the beginning and end.

To make the rosettes, I cut stripes of green fabric. Some were 2 inches wide and others 3 inches wide. The length was between 12-18 inches. By increasing the width of the stripe it makes for a bigger rosette. I tied a knot at one end of the stripe and began to wrap the fabric around the knot, twisting the fabric as I went. I also glued as I wrapped the fabric around.

After I had made enough rosettes that I need, I began gluing them onto the wreath.

A very simple and cheap wreath to make!
Here was my cost:
wreath $1.00 (Dollar Tree!)
brown and green fabric $4.00
Total: $5.00

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