Monday, August 30, 2010

a little bit of fun...

This week in preschool our character trait is obey and our bible character is Noah. I wanted to enhance the week with several art projects. The first one we did was make a rainbow out of tissue paper.

Today, I also made a shirt for my little lady. I will surprise her with it at the end of the week when we have completed our lessons about Noah. I saw this shirt from Anthropologie online and wanted to use it as my inspiration. Instead of it being all white, I wanted each ruffle to be a different color, creating a rainbow.

My supplies...acryllic paint, flour sack towel and I bought a pink T-shirt at Walmart.

Cutting the strips of fabric.

I dyed the fabric with acryllic paint and water. Added a little vinegar at the end so that the paint won't bleed when I wash it.

I placed the fabric strips on hangers to dry overnight.

I first gathered the fabric and then pinned the strips of fabric onto the shirt to sew them down.

The finished product! I hope she will like it! It was a cheap project...$3.50 for the shirt and $1 for the flour sack towel. Total cost $4.50!