Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The last leg of our trip...

We decided to drive through the night so that my little lady could sleep in the car and would make our drive back to California a bit easier. I took the first leg so that my man could sleep. On the way out of New Orleans, I almost ran over a gator! The alligators like to lay on the road and feel the heat from the day of sun beating on the black top. Good thing I was watching! At about midnight, my man took over driving and I had a chance to sleep.

Until around 4:00AM I woke up to "Oh, NO!" I sat straight up and said "what's wrong?" "We ran out of gas!" He told me that he had been looking for a gas station for the last 40 miles and there were none. Just before the engine cut off, he saw a sign saying truck stop in 3 miles. We were able to coast for a bit since we were going down a hill, but nothing was in sight, until we turned the corner just as the car came to a stop. So, my man got an early morning jog. My little lady and I stayed in the car and prayed that the truck stop would have gas. Sure enough it did! It took us about 30 minutes until we were back on the road somewhere in the middle of Texas! The whole time I was just thanking God, that even when something goes wrong, He surely provides. Sure, my man probably wasn't ready to jump out of the car and take a morning jog, but it could have been a lot worse!

We drove 24 hours straight that day and arrived in Phoenix. We all slept so good and my little lady is an amazing traveler! The next day we drove home to my parents house. On the way home, the car started making noises when we would switch gears. So, for the past couple of days my man has been working on the car. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon, but I feel so blessed that God brought us all the way home without it breaking down. We drove about 5,000 miles, so praise God for His provision!

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