Monday, July 21, 2014

weekend randomness

we are an active family.
we love adventure and we love teaching our kids new things.
this summer has been full of bike riding, but this week, we added something

at first, i thought they might think it was boring, but they didn't.  we have gone back a second time already at their request.
this summer, we have dived into eating sushi and everyone loves it!  which again, totally surprised me.  i just need to learn how to make it...any suggestions on how to learn how to make sushi?
lastly, we took them to see the new planes movie.  i think my little guy was more excited than my little lady, but it was still a fun time.


  1. Looks so fun! Go to this blog:
    They make sushi a lot!

  2. So fun!!! The planes movie looks darling!