Monday, June 30, 2014

summer time is my favorite!
there is nothing better than eating some yummy food on our back deck.
i made my first batch of homemade BBQ sauce.  i got the recipe here.
we made baby back you think they liked them?
i've been reading this book and it prompted me to make the homemade BBQ sauce.

no, i'm not quitting sugar, but rather educating myself.

i've always heard the term that sugar is more addicting than cocaine. can it be?  but after some investigating, i'm pretty sure it's true.  i'm no scientist, health expert or doctor, but i do think we are addicted to sugar.    why do i think this?  take a look at everything you consume...sugar is in everything.  i've spent the last couple of weeks really examining things i ate and i couldn't believe what i found.  sugar in places that i thought they wouldn't be...salad dressing, sunflower seeds, plain yogurt, mayo, etc.  it in everything!  before reading this i would have said i ate a healthy diet, but now i've realized that i'm still consuming way too much sugar.
the America Heart Association recommends we eat only 6-9 teaspoons (24-36grams) of sugar per day.  most Americans eat around 2 lbs a week, that's over 907 grams of sugar per week...yikes!  we wonder why we are sluggish, overweight and have headaches all the time.  we are addicted!

i'm not quitting sugar, however, i'm trying to eliminate sugar from things that really don't need sugar in them.  my question is why do i need to buy mayo that has sugar in it?  i've made my own mayo and it doesn't have sugar in it, but tastes just as good.  Everything has sugar in it, but are we really aware of it???

what are your thoughts?

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  1. Way to go friend! It is so crazy what has sugar in it....I can't wait to see recipes you try ;-)