Thursday, June 19, 2014


this time of year marks just the beginning of canning season for me.  canning isn't always easy, but for me it can be very relaxing.  there is something very rewarding when you have a pantry full of homemade yumminess!

over the weekend, i made my first batch of strawberry jam.  i'm not going to write out the recipe, because it's not mine.  but i will tell you where to find it...go here.

wash the fruit
sterilize the jars
hull the strawberries
zest lemons, juice the lemons and add sugar
cook the lemon juice, zest and sugar
add the strawberries
put the jam in jars
the jars of jam go for a bath
all done and ready for the pantry!
pioneer woman has a great post on jam canning 101...part 1 and part 2  
i didn't use her recipe because it had a ton of sugar and you had to use pectin...which i was out of.  

i will be canning more this summer, want to come over and join me?


  1. I want to do more canning this summer too! I'm always afraid that I don't seal the lids properly. This will be the summer where I learn. : ) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes please! Call me next time and I will come right over!

  3. I would love to join you!!! Seriously! I'm still learning and I've only canned applesauce. And I still haven't used my pressure canner because I'm scared of blowing up our house.