Monday, May 26, 2014

hail, tornado sirens & the garden

when we arrived home from our road trip, we were greeted to a yard full of hail. it almost looked like it had snowed.
the hail was large gum ball size.  luckily, my plants weren't destroyed. my makeshift greenhouse really worked to protect them and they are helping the plants to grow!
my 1st harvest of the season!
since hail is pretty common around here, we decided to make a larger greenhouse to protect all my crops.
i'm so blessed to have a husband that helps me with all my crazy ideas!
saturday night we had more hail and the tornado sirens were going off...just a little funnel cloud in the sky!  the storm passed and no tornado touched down, but we had to hunker down in the basement for awhile.  my poor little lady was crying and worried about her chickens, but they survived the storm too!

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