Monday, April 21, 2014

a new season

the first day of spring may have been a month ago, but spring has finally arrived for us!  spring is always a time of renewal and hope for me.  it is my favorite season, because it is sandwiched in-between my least favorite season, winter, and the season i long the most for, which is summer.  i cherish the new life that begins to grow from the cold, frozen ground.  it fills my soul!

God breaths new life into everything in the spring...including me!  i feel like i'm entering into a new season in my life too.  at first i was a little hesitant, because God was asking me to give up some things.  things that were fun, and there wasn't anything wrong with them, but i wasn't wanting to trust Him.  sometimes it's hard to let go of something.  but i knew full well that God always has a plan.  i still don't now the full plan, but i have a sense of peace that God knows what is best for me, and i will follow and trust Him in that!

i do know that He has been speaking to my heart and that the word "intentional" has been swirling around in my head and heart for awhile now.  sometime we can't be intentional when we have too much going on in our lives...aka...too much busyness!  there are lots of things i've been involved in, but i've found that i've lacked fulfillment and wasn't able to be as intentional as i would have liked because i was juggling too many things.  rather than having my plate piled high, i would rather be intentional and have only a few things on my plate.  why?
because i want to do them well.
i want to have time to build deep relationships.
i want to be intentional about how i'm raising my children.
i want to make room for quality time with my husband.
i want to make room in my life for God to work in spontaneous ways.
i want to step into this next season with excitement and readiness, rather than hold on to something that will prevent me from from totally embracing what new and exciting things God might have for me!

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