Tuesday, March 18, 2014

my guy

yesterday, i shared about my little lady's father/daughter dance.

while they were at the dance, my little guy and i went on a date. he took me out for pizza and dessert.
we sat up by the counter so we could watch them make our pizza.
we both enjoyed the pizza and conversation.  we went out for wendy's frosties afterward and then drove home to hop into bed.

there is nothing better than kissing my little boy goodnight!  those chubby cheeks, smooth, soft skin and those brown eyes looking up at me, makes me weak in the knees.
over the last week, i've been weepy.
i know i'm living in precious moments right now.
beautiful moments are all around me and sometimes i need to do a better job of taking time to just be in the moment, because it will be gone in a blink of an eye.

last friday, my evening ended with my little lady running into my room, as she filled me in on all the details of the evening.  that night is one of those nights she will probably always remember...time with just her and her daddy.
after she was tucked in bed, my husband showed me this video that they had showed to all the fathers at the dance. it's a beautiful song from a father to his daughter.

if you are going to watch it...go get a box of tissues first.  you will need it!  i was a blubbering mess!

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