Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March goals

we are well into March, but here is what i'm hoping to accomplish:
-make our 2013 family photo book 
-get my butt in gear and workout more!  
-finish writing my study
-plan and put on my daughter's birthday party
-plan our annual Easter party
-do something fun with a friend

here was my goals for february:
-make our 2013 family photo book (i still haven't started it and wondering if it will ever happen!)
-watch the winter olympics (we watched a ton!)
-continue to eat healthy & exercise (i'm eating good but still not exercising as much.)
-go on a date with my husband (dinner and a movie...it was fun!)
-continue to study God's Word & write (God and i have been busy little bees!)
-plan some fun activities for the kids (went skiing, played Legos 3 days in a row...i was a bit addicted to them!)

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