Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent ideas

i had some requests for things we do with our kids during the Easter season.  i thought i would share it here so i can refer back to it too!

we do a bible reading each night of Lent and light our candles.

i bought our Lent wreath here several years ago.
 i found these cute printables to hang up.  each day there is a different card to to go with a bible story.
(image via artmama)

we make a resurrection garden a few weeks before Easter.
hot cross buns are fun to make...the kids love munching on them!
these were a hit at our Easter party...edible tombs!
of course there is probably a ton of ideas on pinterest, but these are the ones my family loves!

please share if you have a special tradition you do!

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  1. You are so inspriring Melissa!!! I so wish we lived closer ;-)