Tuesday, February 4, 2014

february 2014

i'm excited for february and what's to come!

here are my goals from january and how i did: 
in january, i will: 
-make our 2013 family photo book (i didn't even start it...hopefully i will get it done this month.)
-get back to working out on a regular basis (it still needs to become more frequent!)
-go skiing twice this month it's been a ton of fun!
-eat no gluten. i usually don't eat it, but i've had a few slip-ups and it hasn't been good for me  (i've cooked a lot of new recipes over the past month and only had 2 meltdowns in the process!  whoever said cooking was easy...not me!)
-watch the season premier of Downton Abbey  lovin' it!
-read & study God's word~ be diligent about writing 
-go on a date night with my husband (had one planned, but then i forgot my little lady had an event that i had to take her to.)
-incorporate our "slow day" back into each week slowing down has been such a blessing!

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