Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23

preparing for Christmas...
i made my first GF cheesecake and it looks so good!
my little lady and i have been bookworms lately. 

she has been reading chapter book after chapter book. a whole new world is available to her now. it amazes me how good of a reader she has gotten all on her own! she reminds me of my sister, who was a bookworm just like her!
i read this book in two days, probably could have been one day if i didn't have a family that needed me.
it's an amazing story, i'm sure you are familiar with it. Elizabeth was taken from her home and kept captive for 9 months. what i loved about it was her amazing strength in God and her journey in healing and being a light for someone else who has gone through a similar situation.  at times, it is hard to read, but there is so much honesty and vulnerability in her writing that you just can't put it down.  i would love to sit down and have coffee with her.  not to talk about the 9 months of hell she went through but her journey since then.  i'm drawn to human stories like this one, when God triumphs over evil.