Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 12

do you ever feel overwhelmed with the holidays??? i do.

life is busy and sometimes it's hard to slow down. over the last couple of weeks, i was feeling a bit unorganized, tired, and wanting to do all of these fun Christmas traditions, but feeling overwhelmed by the fact that i have nothing ready.  i was almost ready to say...i'll do it next year, but then i thought, that's not going to work.  my kids would be bummed and so would i.
i spent some time today, gathering all of the things i wanted to do. i just went from room to room gathering all the things we would need to create our own countdown for the 12 days of Christmas.
i didn't buy a thing.
i found all the boxes and bags in my wrapping box.
i used scrapbook paper to label each box and then filled each box with each days needed supplies.
i think i might even hide the boxes and make my kiddos search for them each day!

the fun begins tomorrow and i'll be sharing all about it!

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