Monday, October 28, 2013

busy, busy, busy

life has been crazy for us this past week!
last monday, we got a call from social services about a little girl, just over a year old, needing a place to stay.   wait a minute, let me back up...i didn't, or maybe i did, get a chance to tell you that we are going to be doing foster care again.  that's right, carrying for some kiddos that might need a place to stay until they can go back home.

well, back to last week...we got a call and within an hour and a half she was in our home.  there is so much to share but for the most part, it's confidential and i can't share her story with you.  but i can share mine.

anytime you add a child to the mix it's an adjustment.
it's not so much physically tiring, but more emotionally tiring.  don't get me wrong, i'm tired by the end of the day, but my emotions are drained.  being a foster mom is hard because you grieve the child's loss too.  so badly i want her to feel safe, secure, comfortable and loved.  but that takes time and i'm not mom, i'm a stranger to her.

my mind wanders to...
"what have we gotten ourselves into?"
"will i be able to care for her like her mom has cared for her?"
"how is she feeling?"  oh, how badly i wish she could tell me her story!
"when will she get to see her mom?"

lots of questions, good questions, but not always do we get the answers!  but what i do know is...
each day i know her more...her likes and dislikes.
i know what she needs and what has started to make her giggle.
i know that for reasons only known to God, He has placed her in our home for a specific reason.
i know that even when it gets really hard, tiring and i feel completely weak, i'm trusting that my God will give me the strength to keep going!  Praise God for what He does for us!
it has also been a blessing to have my parents visiting us during this time!  they have been such a help and support!  the kids have had so much fun with their grammy and papa!

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