Wednesday, September 4, 2013

balloon festival

last weekend, we went to a balloon festival. we were supposed to stay 2 nights at a hotel, but when we arrived at the hotel, they told us that they were over booked and the room with two beds was not available. instead, the four of us could stay in a room with one bed and it was a smoking room.  needless to say, i wasn't happy!  i called the online website who we had booked it through and after 1 1/2 hours later of them trying to find us a room at another hotel they couldn't, because everything was booked.  so they ended up refunding our money and gave us $200 in vouchers to use for another time.  i'm  not sure i want to us e.x.p.e.d.i.a. again!

we still went to the balloon glow that night, but had to drive back home instead of staying 2 more day!

this was my favorite balloon...

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  1. So sorry for your trouble friend....yucky!!! But, it looks like you guys had a great time!!!