Monday, August 19, 2013

road trip...part seven

last, but not least...we got to see the Haney's.  they are some of the most wonderful and amazing friends we have!  we enjoyed every moment with them and their two precious girls!  we wish we lived right by  them!

they have the cutest little house on Main St. where it is a showroom for Matt's incredible work, a loft they rent out, and a cute shop where Darci sells things on Fridays.
they have a great website and sell chalk paint...i bought some and can't wait to try it!
we went to the park, played with the kids, went for a hike and there was lots of catching up!

thanks so much for the amazing visit! we miss you all!

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  1. Oh it was so much fun to spend time with you guys! We missed you as soon as you left!! Addilyn still talks non stop about her friends.....good memories for sure. We look forward to making a road trip our your way....maybe next year!!