Monday, June 24, 2013

just a little bit of fishin'

growing up, camping was a tradition in my family. every summer we would go somewhere. one summer, my family went camping somewhere in Utah and my two cousins, Bryan & Jason came along.

one afternoon, my dad took all us kids fishing. we cast our lines into the water and it started to rain. just a light rain, nothing to scare us off. the fish started to bite and and my dad had a hard time keeping up. as soon as one person put their line in the water, there was a fish on their line. i'm not sure how many fish we caught that day, but it was a ton of fun!

last night, we picked up dinner and headed to the lake to fish.  my little lady caught the first 4 fish.

 then it was my little guys turn.  this was the first fish he has ever caught!  he caught a total of 2 fish.

somewhere in between the kids catching fish, my husband caught 3 fish. needless to say, my husband ate a cold dinner due to the fact that we just kept reelin' them in.  so in a total of an hour and a half, we caught 9 fish.   we had to leave in a hurry because a thunderstorm came rolling in.

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