Thursday, May 30, 2013

good-bye school, hello summer!

first day of 1st grade
today, is the last day of school for my little lady.

i'm ready for summer and ready to not be packing a lunch, doing the dreaded drop off and pick up, and no more homework...hallelujah!
i'm ready for the carefree days of summer.

we have company arriving today, so i guess we might have to put our carefree days on hold until next week.
i spent most of yesterday cleaning and running to costco and the grocery store.   cleaning makes me so tired! i also woke up with a migraine today...blah!

we've been blessed by spring showers.  i just love the rain!  it makes me so happy when i see those dark clouds roll in.  beats the snow any day!  however, the mountains did get some snow...eek!

i got my hair cut...i went with style #1 and i love the cut!  the color has take a bit to get use to.  my hair has been dark brown for so long, that the blond seems so light, but i like to change.  i always like change!  once i take a picture, i'll post it.

 last day of 1st grade


  1. First off, can't wait to see the new hair style! So glad school is out for your little lady!! Enjoy your company!

  2. Happy summer! Can't wait to see the hair!