Wednesday, March 13, 2013

what i'm reading wednesday

i'm always looking for ways to help mold my kiddos into the people that God desire them to be.

this book caught my eye right away when i saw it.

my heart's desire is that we will raise our children to become generous, loving and humble adults. i think we all struggle with wanting to put our needs first and we live in a culture of me, me, me. one of my pet-peeves is when i hear the phrase, "i deserve it" or "i've worked hard, so i deserve to get whatever i want." i'm not saying i've never said this, i know i have. but i also know, that all i really deserve is nothing. however, my loving God has blessed me with tremendous grace. i want my kids to learn the concept of hard work and the blessings that follow when we buckle down and give our best to something. i don't want them to live in the land of entitlement. it's through the daily monotony, of cleaning the house, picking up toys, doing laundry, cooking meals, that great lessons of responsibility can be taught to my kids.  just like the author shares in this book, it helps us to dislodge our kids from having, "i'm the center of the universe" mentality. i have enjoyed reading this book a lot. it reads almost like a journal. i also enjoyed Kay's list of what she and her kids learned each month as they completed this experiment to rid themselves of youth entitlement. i think it is important for us to reflect on what we have learned, even when we are in the midst of something. there is always a lesson God is trying to teach us. the lesson may be for the child, but it also might be for the parent. God uses my kids to teach me more about myself, than anyone else.


  1. I have read this and it's really good! It makes so much sense to me as a mom, occupational therapist, etc.