Thursday, February 28, 2013

week 2 of 40 days

this week was a bit harder for me.

we didn't memorize our verses, well, the kids did, but we didn't.  busyness got in the way.

i tried to find items i would need to make different meals from third world countries.  i went to several stores and couldn't find anything i needed. so, i've decided to revamp this one.  we will read about different countries and the harsh conditions they have to live in and i will make a very simple meal to go along with it.

i did get rid of 8 pairs of shoes.  i originally thought i would get rid of a total of 7 pairs of shoes, which were from all 4 of us.  but, when i went through my closet, i found 8 pairs that i need to let go of.  most of them i hadn't used in awhile and they will be far better off in someone else's care that will wear them more often.  i really have an excess amount of shoes.
lastly, i cleaned out some of our clothes and took them to a friend who is collecting items in a barrel to send to Africa.

i'm still a trash digger, but getting better at it.

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