Tuesday, January 15, 2013

real life

7:45 AM...my alarm went off this morning and i was not ready to get up. maybe i stayed up too late... 

half awake, i stumbled into our kids' room to find them both still sleeping.  i hate waking up sleeping children!

but our morning routine begins...
we get dressed...yoga pants & a sweatshirt
make our beds
fix our hair...pulled back in a messy bun
we head downstairs for breakfast
my little lady makes her lunch
while we eat, i read our daily devotions...Day by Day Kid's Bible
take the apples out of the dehydrator that were cookin' overnight.
brush teeth, put jackets, gloves and hats on
only 7 degrees out, but the radio said -1 with the wind chill...brrrr!
we dropped off my little lady at school and headed to target.
picked up a few thing and headed home, only to realize that i forgot a couple things i needed. don't you hate that?
back out again in the cold and off to the grocery store.
stopped by the post office too and mailed a package.  mandy, your birthday present is on it's way.
i'm busy in the kitchen the rest of the morning.  sometimes, it feels like i spend the whole day in the kitchen.  sometimes, i love cooking and other days i don't like it at all.  this particular morning, i don't mind it.

i'm trying to plan ahead a bit for the week.  it's going to be a busy week with bible study, Awana and MOPS starting back up.  i've decided to make a few things ahead of time to help lighten my load during the week.

potato soup is cooking in the crockpot and clam chowder is cooking on the stove.  a huge pile of dishes are always waiting to be washed.  my little guy keeps me company and colors.

my bread maker gets a workout at least a couple times a week.  i use the bucket to store my bread flour that i buy in 10 pound bags.  today, i made cinnamon raisin bread.  the kids eat it for snack.

i also made granola and caught up on laundry, since the washer and dryer couldn't be used last week, due to a leak we had to fix in our kitchen drain pipe.  my laundry room still isn't completely put back together yet.  we have to repaint the walls and re-hang the shelves and then it will be back to normal.
we ate lunch and then my little guy went down for a rest.   i checked my emails.

then, i had a pile of laundry waiting for me to fold.  i'm the worst at folding and putting it away.  i just let it pile up and don't like folding it. anyone else hate it too?  at least i had a nice fire going to keep me warm!

after that, it's off to pick up my little lady from school and a little playtime at home.

there's snack and homework to be done.  i didn't like giving homework as a teacher and i really don't like homework as a parent.   i'm just not big on worksheets.  yes, that's also the face i get sometimes when i want to take my little lady's picture.

dinnertime comes up too fast.  i made chicken taquitos, refried beans and guacamole.  we've been doing dinnertime devotions every night since the beginning of the year.  it's been good and challenges us to be disciplined too.

after dinner is...
playtime & we read stories
get things ready for tomorrow

i'm off tonight to a meeting with my MOPS team.  then, it will be right home, shower and hopefully asleep by a decent time.

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