Tuesday, January 1, 2013

hello 2013!

i got this amazing journal for Christmas and i'm so excited to start using it. it's not your typical journal with blank pages waiting to be filled. it's a daily journal, where i can write a sentence or two about something that happens each day.  i made the journal at papercoterie.  yes, i made my own gift that my man gave to me, but it was really what i wanted!

i love that it also has pictures of my family throughout it.

on Christmas day, we share with each other the gift we are giving to Jesus for the following year.

my gift to Jesus is...playing with my kids more.
it's not always easy for me.
lots of stuff competes for my attention...laundry, cooking, cleaning, emails...the list could go on and on.
but this year, i want to capture moments with my kiddos more often.
try not to say..."maybe later" or "just a minute" when they ask for my time because often times it doesn't happen.  i know i won't get it right all the time but i'm going to work hard to make it happen most of the time.

i'll also be documenting it in my journal.  i'm going to try and also take a picture to go along with each of the days.   by the end of the year, i hope to have a journal filled with memories and 365 pictures to go along with it.

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